Barometer of Romanian Industry

Starting with October 2014, IRSOP Market Research & Consulting and Faculty of Management (SNSPA) bring to the fore the Barometer of Romanian Industry. Each month, a statistically significant sample of 400 managers – from industrial firms with more than 9 employees – are invited to assess the activity of their company based on 11 indicators (e.g., production, the volume of new orders, the stock volume, number of employees, costs of production, etc.).

The objective of the barometer is to provide politicians, managers, investors, economists and the entire business environment with recent information about the evolution of the Romanian industry. The barometer data are valuable for the economic forecasting at multiple levels, such as inflation rate, unemployment, exports, raw material costs, etc.


  • Petre Datculescu (IRSOP Market Research & Consulting)
  • Florina Pînzaru (Faculty of Management, SNSPA)
  • Lucian Anghel (Faculty of Management, SNSPA)

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