May 18, 2017 – Entrepreneurial Innovators

Moderator: Costin Dămășaru
Invited speakers: Vlad Buda (Steam Coffee), Dan Ursan (Steam Coffee), Cristian Tudor (Micro Green), Andrei Botescu (Pegas), Cristian Păun (Bucharest University of Economic Studies), Toma Adrian Dinu (University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine).

Insight: The global economy is facing a major shift from traditional ways of thinking, implementing and developing a business idea to a more innovative and lucrative modus operandi. This is due in part to the advanced technology that surrounds us and becomes more and more accessible. Entrepreneurs have reached a point in which they have to innovate very fast and create not only effective business plans but more important, truly innovative business models that create real added value to the community.

In order to observe this shifts and the possible approaches, we have invited several successful and innovative entrepreneurs who have created lucrative business models based on a platform that allows them to satisfy the needs of the customer in ways never experienced until now. Their businesses offer to customers an experience rather than a product / a service. They present successful stories that other young entrepreneurs can get inspired from.