May 19, 2017 – Entrepreneurial University Challenges

Location: Faculty Of Management
Moderator: Sergiu Stan

Invited speakers: Ioana Petrescu (former Ministry of Finance), Karl-Heinz Leitner (University of Graz), Dorin Călin (JA Romania), Radu Popescu (Accenture), Cosmin Malureanu (Ascendia), Luminita Derscanu (Euroins), Cristi Dima (Hobber)

Insight: The participants to this round table will explore which are the factors that influenced university to take a more entrepreneurial approach, as well as which are the current challenges they face to have an effective entrepreneurial approach of their environment.

An entrepreneurial mindset has helped universities to cope with a dynamic environment, to attract funding, to offer students new experiential learning environment and many other benefits. In this framework, the strategies of entrepreneurial universities should adapt to new social and economic environments to continue to support universities to be effective in attaining their missions.