Research Report 2020

The main objectives of the third phase of the project implementation focused on the research documentation and the initiation of the empirical studies, as follows:

RO5. To increase the level of scientific knowledge (at the national and international levels) regarding the impact of intellectual capital on SMEs internationalization (ongoing from 2019);
RO6. To increase the Romanian managers’ awareness and knowledge on how to use SMEs intellectual capital in order to gain competitive advantages on international markets;

Given the interdisciplinary scope of the project and the interconnected research areas, the main deliverables (i.e., publications) during the third phase of the project implementation revolved around the following key issues:

KI1. incomprehensive investigations of the relationships between intellectual capital and SMEs internationalization as depicted in both conceptual and empirical papers;
KI2. the advancement of interdisciplinary conceptual and empirical grounds (theoretical directions, best practices, lessons learnt, case studies, etc.) for investigating different facets of intellectual capital in the process of SMEs internationalization;
KI3. the exploration of the main relational factors influencing the internationalization process of Romanian SMEs and the achievement of competitive advantages on international markets.

The final Research Report 2020 can be accessed at RESEARCH REPORT IC_SMEU 2020