Important Projects of Applied Research and Technological Transfer

The digital revolution for governments and managers

In 2016, CRM provided the needed environment for the World Bank to launch the “Digital Developments. World Bank Development Report (WDR) 2016”. The launch of WDR 2016 was designed with the hope that it will help to build a global consensus on finding the right balance that allows technology to continue to empower humans to do great things while also addressing legitimate concerns. Besides, WDR 2016 argued that in order to benefit from the digital revolution, countries should work on the “analog complements” – by strengthening regulations that enable firms to connect and compete, by adapting workers’ skills to the demands of the new economy, and by ensuring that institutions are accountable.

Single Market Forum 2015/2016 – Collaborative Economy Workshop

On the 3rd of March 2016, in partnership with the European Commission, CRM organized a Single Market Forum workshop which aimed to develop a deeper understanding of the collaborative economy and to bring together the business community, local and national authorities, as well as civil society. The discussions focused on identifying the most innovative business models, revealing the challenges of the sharing economy, and debating the most appropriate forms of regulation. The results have showed that, in the light of a new economy based on collaboration and sharing, the rules of market competition are changing, and new business models emerge.
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