September 29, 2017 – Policies and Strategies for Nations’ Development

Location: Faculty Of Management
Moderator: Loredana RADU
Invited speakers: Alina BÂRGĂOANU, Cristian PĂUN

Insight: The roundtable debate will explore the theoretical and empirical challenges related to defining and measuring development, progress, and the national performance. It will provide a venue for discussion and reflection upon pressing issues in the field of strategic development studies such as: What are the most recent theoretical/empirical insights on measuring development in turbulent times?

How did the economic crisis reshape the relation between development, poverty and inequality inside and outside the European Union? What are the trends most likely to impact the European Union’s medium and long term development? What is the relation between the measurable progress towards the development goals, and the public perception of that progress? What are the suitable tools and instruments to support evidence-based policy making?