March 28, 2017 – The Future of Enterprises. Where to?

Location: The Future Of Enterprises. Where To?
Moderators: Mădălina Vătămănescu
Invited speakers: Varujan Pambuccian (Commision for Informational Technology, Romanian House of Assembly), Vlad Grigore (Global Charity Manager, WowApp), Adriana Ababei (HR Manager EXE Software), Georgiana Cristea (GEO TRAINING), Rareș Mocanu (Faculty of Management, SNSPA), Andreea Mitan (Faculty of Management, SNSPA), Adriana Duţu (Managing Partner Euyone Consultancz Network), Ruggero Civitarese (Win International Foundation).

Insight: The alert pace in which digital enters into the lives of individuals, communities, firms, and society in general has become a truism of the present and a challenge of the future. New business models are emerging and developing in order to prevent or respond appropriately to the opportunities and constraints of the digital economy.

Therefore, digital innovation is no longer just the expression of business competitiveness, but the condition of survival in a globalizing world. Starting from these premises, the discussions concentrate around five topics, namely: (i) digital innovation in business: disruptive vs. non-disruptive approach; (ii) digital innovation and competitive advantage in the XXI century; (iii) teleworking regulation: pros and cons; (iv) communication with digital natives in an organizational environment; and (v) technological innovations in retail and future challenges.