UPCOMING CONFERENCES – Strategica 2019. Upscaling Digital Transformation in Business and Economics

The alert pace of the digital transformation and its multilevel blueprint in the lives of individuals, communities, firms, society and economy as a whole have become today’s truism and a challenge for the future. New business and economic models are emerging while defying the well-rooted patterns and calling for an upscale of the strategic vision and action in all organizational fronts. The digital economy and the inherent business digitalization put forward new opportunities to thrive and constraints to overcome for various stakeholders and, thus, acknowledging and properly assessing their impact – both through the lens of research and practice – avail fruitful avenues for debates.

Revolving around the novel digitalized landscape where the digital transformation is no longer just the expression of business competitiveness, but the condition of survival in a globalizing world, the seventh edition of Strategica International Conference – Upscaling Digital Transformation in Business and Economics –aims to become an agora for academic debates on multidisciplinary topics, such as (but not limited to): (i) digital transformation and innovation in business: disruptive vs. non-disruptive digitalization within the digital economy; (ii) digital innovation and the competitive advantage in the XXIst century; (iii) managing digital natives in organizational environments; (iv) technological innovations in different business fields and sectors; (v)  causes, processes, effects, impact, future strategies for getting ahead and along with the digital transformation.